Restoration of Aviaries

Plan of Flamingo Aviary

The bird link to Lilford Hall started in the late 1840's due to the life passion of the 4th Baron Lilford, namely ornithology.

The famous aviaries at Lilford were built in the 1890's by the 4th Baron Lilford, who by this time was a distinguished ornithologist. Baron Lilford corresponded with Charles Darwin, and was even mentioned in the famous book "The Descent of Man".


Flamingo Aviary @ 1900There are three separate aviary sites in Lilford Park, the first being the Flamingo Aviary together with its lake in the eastern part of the Park, the second being three large Bird of Prey Aviaries (all connected to a large outdoor caged area) near Lilford Village, and thirdly a Waterfowl Aviary near two formal lakes adjacent the River Nene in the western part of the Park.

When Lilford Park closed to the public in 1990, the aviaries became redundant, and over 20 years have been neglected. It is planned to restore all these aviaries to their former "Victorian" glory.